Are Your Mortgage Payments Weighing You Down?

Are Your Mortgage Payments Weighing You DownGet a Fresh Start

Has your life changed since you bought your home? Between rampant unemployment and the San Diego housing market still struggling to find the floor on home prices, many families find themselves without the stability they had once counted on.

If you are falling further behind each month due to a mortgage payment that you can no longer afford, there is actually some encouraging news. The Federal government, along with state and local agencies, have put some programs into place to help stem the tide of foreclosures.

Loan modifications are more accessible than ever, and some banks are offering incentives to encourage homeowners to do a short sale instead of walking away and letting the bank foreclose.

10 Warning Signs of a Mortgage Modification Scam

When times are tough, there are always con artists who prey on folks down on their luck, desperate to believe in anyone who offers them hope. The current foreclosure crisis involves so many people in trouble, scam artists are devoting their time and resources to target this group.

This month’s special report outlines 10 Warning Signs of a Mortgage Modification Scam. Check it out,  and be careful out there!

Each month we publish a special report just for distressed homeowners. You can always see the current report by visiting and see all the archives at the Resources tab. We’re here to help.

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